What’s so special about the Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer?

Weddings- they bring such a broad smile on our faces. It’s a celebration of love and promise, a testimony of two people pledging to be love and hold each other till death parts them. But after the vows has been taken, rings been exchanges, cake has been eaten, that day and its emotions are still alive in pictures. That is why you want the album to be just perfect. It’s the duty of wedding planning services to see to it that you have a perfect day. Right from the décor to the venue, food to the flowers, dress, ceremony, reception and more- it’s a lot of hard work.

Wedding PlannerSo now that you are engaged, everyone is going to ask you ‘when is the big day?’ The sooner you start giving it a thought, the better it is. Something as elaborate and intricate as a wedding has too many facets to take care of. Do you already have an idea of what you want for your special day? Talk to your planner and discuss your ideas with him. He will be able to tell you what will suit you best.

Do you have a theme in mind? Is it a modern wedding or a traditional one? A church, a garden or your home- what is your preferred venue? Will your budget allow that kind of a fancy wedding you have in mind? Before you settle on a particular professional-consult a few professionals and then decide the ultimate wedding planner & organizer.

There are planners available for the day of the wedding- more to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. Some will work with you right from a few months before the big day taking responsibility of the venue, décor, color scheme, catering, cake, dress, accommodation and so on. You can choose what you feel suits your needs the best.

Some say hiring wedding planning services is no more than an added expense. But the services they provide on the day, the assistance, guidance, management they provide is worth much more. They are like fairy godmothers saving the pickle of a situation.

What Wedding Planning Services Have To Offer

wedding planning servicesCongratulations on getting engaged! Finally it is time to be the bride, the centre of attention. Now the real work begins. Yes, weddings are over whelming and that is as wedding planning services, we have this checklist for you that will help you not to stress on the big day.

  • Announce your engagement
  • Place engagement photo and announcement in local newspapers
  • Discuss with your parents and other planners what your wishes are for the wedding
  • Meet with any family members who will participate in planning (or paying for) the wedding – this could be a casual dinner at your place
  • Begin looking through bridal magazines and wedding tips books for ideas
  • Talk to your recently married friends to get their vendor and site recommendations
  • Hire the ultimate wedding planner & organizer
  • Relax and breathe

The professionals have got it all covered. It sounds easy- all you have to do is get the reference photos from sites like Pinterest and download Android Apps- but it is not so. From selecting the venue to booking the caterers and getting all the service providers in your budget, find the perfect wedding dress, get the dapper tux for the groom, arrange for accommodation for the out of town guests- it’s an endless list.

But once you have these processionals, they will take charge of it and manage it all. You do not have to worry about a single thing. From flowers for the centerpieces to the cake topper, to the music for the first dance, they will see to it all.

As one of the most well known and trusted wedding planning services in Dubai, Big Idea Weddings with their years of experience and creativity in thought will give you a wedding that you had always dreamt of and wished for it to be true. Now your fairytale wedding will become a reality- a day that will be uniquely planned and just as you wanted it since forever, just as you had a vision of since you were just a little girl.

Common Mistakes to Avoid From the Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

Planning a wedding is a major undertaking. Once you have been chosen at the ultimate wedding planner & organizer, it is your responsibility to see to it that you do not make mistakes. You are the professional here and everyone is looking up to you especially the bride. Below are listed some common mistakes that you can avoid while planning the entire event and making the couple’s day truly memorable.

Wedding PlannerEvery bride knows exactly where they want to get married. But it might be possible to seat over two hundred guests in the park where they first met that they have chosen as their wedding venue. One must be aware of the invitee pool and lead the couple to venues that will be right size for their ceremony. The last thing you need is a wedding packed with uncomfortable people all day. So choosing a venue that is the wrong size is one of the most common mistakes that need to be avoided.

It is the wedding planner’s responsibility to taste all the food in the menu that the chef is going to prepare on the day. Bad food at a wedding and people will talk about it for ages! An entire reception can be ruined by bad food. Quality of the food must not be compromised with at any cost!

Wedding planning services also need to ensure that the entertainment chosen is appropriate for the reception. A DJ will add fun and life to a wedding filled with young people, while older people will enjoy a string quartet or a big band. If the couple is unaware of the fact, you must let them know if they are unaware of the fact.

Another mistake that must be avoided at all costs is going over budget. The couple will come to you with their plans for their big day. But with the kind of nuptials they have in mind, the budget is way inadequate. It is for you to give them a heads up about how much it could actually cost, so that there are no surprises on the actual day!

Wedding Planning Services Are Like Fairy Godmothers

Every woman knows in her heart what exactly her wedding is going to be like that is why she makes a big deal about everything to be just perfect for her special day. Hiring wedding planning services thus makes the work much easier. An event as big as this takes, a substantial amount of time and dedication devoted to it to make it a successful. That is what most is hard pressed for.  These professionals with their team of experts are adept in dealing with such situations.

Wedding Planning Service

From choosing the venue to the theme, decoration, food, invites, music, over all managing the entire string of events. On your day, you would want some piece of mind- and is it wonderful that someone else is in charge of the hard work- they do what you tell them to and you get to sit back and relax and enjoy your special day. These professionals with their super organizational skill quality are going to get together all the service providers together and see to it that everything goes as planned.

The ultimate wedding planner & organizer give you a dream wedding, in a budget that suits you and just the way you want it. But all this depends on how you choose one.  One has to be up to date with the latest trends when it comes to everything about the wedding. As the person in charge, it is his duty to see to it that everything is going according to the schedule. All you have to do is focus on starting a new and exciting journey with the love of your life.

The kind of wedding you want, needs proper planning and that in turn needs time, which you can’t invest in. So it is best that you let the professionals take charge. From all the arrangements in the venue to the food, décor, music, lightening, the cake, and everything else that you can possibly think of will be taken care by the wedding planning services. They bring with them years of experience and creativity on your special day to make it grander and a dream come true.

Wedding Planning Services To Make Your Life Easier

The ultimate wedding planner is a master of many trades. He/she is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. The wedding planner should have some important tricks up his/her sleeve to help him/her in the success. The important tips are about the important information in the contact sheet, the estimation of the budget, the ceremony details including venue information, list of the processional order, formulation of marriage license, reception details like menu/beverage list, playlist for the DJ, list of people giving toasts to the couple, list of people giving thank you notes, keeping track of gifts and making of backup plans in advance.

The advantages of a wedding planner include the opportunity of travelling to exotic destinations for destination weddings, sampling of a wide range of gourmet foods, handling of details like coordinating different parties such as the officiating clergy, limousine driver, florist shop and bakery, finding about the best wedding deals, responsibility for contacting the vendors, ordering of the wedding items and setting aside the checks for the vendors. Besides these advantages there is an important tip or piece of advice for the wedding planners. A checklist must be made by the wedding planner in order to avoid tricky situations at the day of the wedding.

Wedding planning services play the vital role of over-seeing all important work with the varied occupations handled over a period of time. Getting a printed list of what is included in each of the bride and groom’s packages, looking over the contacts for each vendor his/her client has chosen to hire, creating a timeline and incorporating the photographer’s, DJ or the bands timeline a day before the wedding and ensuring that everyone attending the event are escorted in advance into the ceremony without any problems.

Wedding planning services have a number of advantages which pave the way for a successful and unforgettable experience for all present at the wedding.The advantages of the wedding planner will include-The Acting of a liaison between all the vendors and the bride/groom on the day of the wedding, Ensuring that the bride, groom, DJ/band are all informed in advance of each event like grand entrance, first dance, cutting, garter toss, etc.

Wedding Planner Services Bring Successful Outcome to a Wedding

Wedding planner services are categorized as the most important and crucial activities that he/she does for a client’s wedding. The role of the wedding planner can be summarized as the following- to come up with a printed list of what is included in each of the bride and groom’s packages, however,the needs of each client will still vary widely depending on the theme, venue, budget, vendors and personality of the client. On the day, they will have to look over the contacts for each vendor the client has chosen to hire, should create a detailed timeline, incorporating the photographers timeline, DJ or band’s timeline .They  should ensure that everyone who is in the wedding party or will be escorted into the ceremony.

wedding planning services

Wedding planner services include the wedding planner to be the liaison between all the vendors and the bride/groom for the day of the wedding. The planners should ensure that the bride, groom, DJ/band and photographers are all informed in advance of each event (grand entrance, cake cutting, garter toss, etc). The key disciplines for a wedding planner who comes involved closer to the event are-

  • Logistics
  • Rigging
  • Sound
  • Light
  • Security
  • Embrace technology
  • Video

The ultimate wedding planner & organizer is a professional who assists with the design, planning and management of a client’s wedding. He/she requires the important tips for making a successful and a grand event. The important tips are given as- important information about contact sheet, timeline, checklist, budget, ceremony including venue information, list of the processional order, marriage license, reception details regarding menu, beverage, play list for DJ, list of who is giving toasts, list of people needed to be remembered for thank you speeches, keeping track of gifts, making backup plans are just to name a few.

Ultimate wedding planner & organizer has more advantages than disadvantages in this happy go lucky profession which requires patience, responsibility and a lot of knowledge related issues in work.The advantages are given in the given points like-a wedding planner has the opportunity to travel to exotic locations for destination wedding, sample a wide range of gourmet foods, handle details like coordinating different parties such as the officiating clergy, limousine driver, florist shop, and bakery. Wedding planners are experienced in getting the best holiday packages for honeymoon. They stick to the budget and take every little precaution in making the wedding a grand success.

What Comes Under the Purview of the Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer

A certification in event planning will help you get started but to become the ultimate wedding planner & organizer, it takes more than that. More than anything it is the passion that drives such a profession. One has to be organized and creative, patient and a good communicator, to be successful in this field. Clients will not hire you because they don’t know how to plan and organize; they will do so because they don’t have the time to invest in planning as elaborate an event as a wedding.  And if it is the big fat Indian wedding, it is ten times more insane.

wweddings planning servicesFrom helping the couple choose the right venue to including their favorite flowers in the décor, getting the lighting correct to zeroing down on the best catering service there is, a wedding planner has to do it all. It could be a menhendi ceremony or the sangeet, a cocktail party after that to the grand nuptials- each and every detail is paid heed to and timed right. Wedding planners come with a comprehensive package. An ideal planner must possess superb negotiating skills- he or she has to interact with all kinds of people with various mindsets and backgrounds- communication is the key.  He must also be a good listener and aware of the current trends, colors, fashion, customs and traditions.

If you want a career in the wedding planning services, brace yourselves for the ride- it is not going to be easy. Not all clients are easy going- some will definitely make you scale the walls. They will expect you to be as good as a robot and get everything done in like ten minutes. You know to get a perfect event you will need time and proper planning. You have to get together service providers and vendors for food and lighting, décor, servers, cleaners, videographers, photographers, pundits, musicians, entertainers and so on. It is your job to monitor everything that is the wedding. You are also responsible for the bride and groom and the guests, including their hair and make-up!  If you can deal with all this and believe you can do it with a smile on your face, it is one of the most satisfying jobs ever.

What the Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer Can Do For You

Congratulations on getting engaged! You must be so excited about planning the wedding now. Correct me if I’m wrong, but you are as petrified and stressed as happy you are about the entire thing! Don’t fret- the ultimate wedding planner and organizer is here to take away your woes and help you plan your biggest day. We know it is quite over whelming to do it all from scratch- there are so many details to work out, numerous things must fall in place for the day to run smoothly, so many arrangements to be made; this is enough to give you sleepless nights and dark circles.

ultimate wedding planner and organizer

This is where we come in the picture. From helping you find the perfect venue to selecting the theme and color scheme, to hire the best baker and chef, florist, light technicians, vendors, invites and all that you can possibly think of. You just let us know what you want and what you are expecting and we will deliver a 100%. You don’t have to worry about if the florist has been able to find the lilies you ordered for the centerpieces or if the boutique has delivered your bridesmaid’s dresses, or if the lactose intolerant uncle has not been served the cheese fondue.

 With wedding planning services at the helm of the affairs, you will have all the time in the world to spend time with your family and friends just days before you getting hitched.  No, this in no way means that you would not be a part of the planning at all- you will be the main person to guide them all- as professionals, they are just better trained to carry out the task in a more organized and timely fashion. Many again think this is nothing more than just an added expenditure. These days all weddings are different and thus have varied need- so accordingly, the agencies also have made customized packages. You take whatever suits you the best.

So is there a wedding in the family soon? You know what the best gift to the bride and groom would be? Helping them find wedding planning services is the best gift you can get them for a hassle free biggest day of their lives.

Wedding Planning Services Can Make a Difference on Your Biggest Day

Weddings are happy occasions no doubt bit it is also the most stressful for the brides. For brides who understand that will hire professional wedding planning services in an instant!  For the bridezillas to the ones who wants to be in control of everything even on their biggest day- professional help is the best. Why we say so? Imagine running about frantically looking for your veil or someone has eaten half of the wedding cake or the best man is so hung over from the party the day before that he can’t be there at all! Wedding co coordinators have solutions to all this and more.

Wedding PlanningNo matter how outrageous your wishes are from bright centerpieces to an ice sculpture in a barn on a bright summer day to having the family dog as the ring bearer- they have seen it all and most likely have dealt with this all. If you think they charge some big bucks, well they do charge a decent amount but the expenditure is so worth it. You don’t have to lift a finger and a solution to the problem has been found. Hiring such pros helps you focus more on spending time with your family and friends and less on keeping a tab on the mundane details of planning.

You are the bride, it is your biggest day and you should enjoy it to the fullest. All you ideally should do is relax, look pretty and smile at the camera. These pros help you do that; rather they will only let you do that. All the other stuff- they will handle with their expert team of planners and helpers. Have a secret wish for the wedding? Let them know and they will do their best to make your day the most memorable.

As the ultimate wedding planner and organizer hired for the job, they will leave no stones unturned to make you happy and make your day the brightest. Right from the venue to the décor, theme to the music, menu to the accommodation of the guests, and everything else that you can possibly think off- they will surpass your expectation beyond any doubt.

Why Hire Wedding Planning Services

Gone are the days of simple intimate weddings. Nowadays they are just more lavish, grand and expensive. You are getting married to the love of your life- why not make a big deal about it and show the world that you are celebrating it! Wedding planning services are therefore in such demand today. They help you plan, organize and execute the event, with such brilliance that it exceeds your expectations.  It’s your biggest day and you would want to be involved in all the planning. With these professionals at the helm of it, you get to enjoy the day instead of being all stressed and over worked up.

Wedding Services

Hiring planners will save you some headaches. From locating the perfect venue to hiring the perfect caterer, from communicating to all the vendors to taking care of all the basics of planning- all this in way lower prices and deals that you could have ever managed. Having been a part of this industry for a substantial amount of time, they know what all can go wrong and so they know what all can be done to salvage the situation. There is always a plan B ready at hand- as a precaution.

Wedding planning servicesYou get a ready-made wedding without having to do anything! They keep your likes and opinions in their mind and plan accordingly. They completely take into account tastes and come up with unique concepts and ideas.

As the ultimate wedding planner and organizer, they are the liaison between you and the rest of the vendors and suppliers. They coordinate and communicate with all so that you don’t have to worry about running after looking for that baker, or decorator, cook or designer.  You just have to dress up well, look pretty and smile at the cameras. You just enjoy your biggest day- focus on starting a new life with the love of your life. The professionals have got it all covered.

With skilled professionals in charge, there is nothing that can g wrong. Everything has a back-up plan. You get a well organized and planned wedding that you had dreamed about.