What’s so special about the Ultimate Wedding Planner & Organizer?

Weddings- they bring such a broad smile on our faces. It’s a celebration of love and promise, a testimony of two people pledging to be love and hold each other till death parts them. But after the vows has been taken, rings been exchanges, cake has been eaten, that day and its emotions are still alive in pictures. That is why you want the album to be just perfect. It’s the duty of wedding planning services to see to it that you have a perfect day. Right from the décor to the venue, food to the flowers, dress, ceremony, reception and more- it’s a lot of hard work.

Wedding PlannerSo now that you are engaged, everyone is going to ask you ‘when is the big day?’ The sooner you start giving it a thought, the better it is. Something as elaborate and intricate as a wedding has too many facets to take care of. Do you already have an idea of what you want for your special day? Talk to your planner and discuss your ideas with him. He will be able to tell you what will suit you best.

Do you have a theme in mind? Is it a modern wedding or a traditional one? A church, a garden or your home- what is your preferred venue? Will your budget allow that kind of a fancy wedding you have in mind? Before you settle on a particular professional-consult a few professionals and then decide the ultimate wedding planner & organizer.

There are planners available for the day of the wedding- more to ensure that everything goes on smoothly. Some will work with you right from a few months before the big day taking responsibility of the venue, décor, color scheme, catering, cake, dress, accommodation and so on. You can choose what you feel suits your needs the best.

Some say hiring wedding planning services is no more than an added expense. But the services they provide on the day, the assistance, guidance, management they provide is worth much more. They are like fairy godmothers saving the pickle of a situation.

What Wedding Planning Services Have To Offer

wedding planning servicesCongratulations on getting engaged! Finally it is time to be the bride, the centre of attention. Now the real work begins. Yes, weddings are over whelming and that is as wedding planning services, we have this checklist for you that will help you not to stress on the big day.

  • Announce your engagement
  • Place engagement photo and announcement in local newspapers
  • Discuss with your parents and other planners what your wishes are for the wedding
  • Meet with any family members who will participate in planning (or paying for) the wedding – this could be a casual dinner at your place
  • Begin looking through bridal magazines and wedding tips books for ideas
  • Talk to your recently married friends to get their vendor and site recommendations
  • Hire the ultimate wedding planner & organizer
  • Relax and breathe

The professionals have got it all covered. It sounds easy- all you have to do is get the reference photos from sites like Pinterest and download Android Apps- but it is not so. From selecting the venue to booking the caterers and getting all the service providers in your budget, find the perfect wedding dress, get the dapper tux for the groom, arrange for accommodation for the out of town guests- it’s an endless list.

But once you have these processionals, they will take charge of it and manage it all. You do not have to worry about a single thing. From flowers for the centerpieces to the cake topper, to the music for the first dance, they will see to it all.

As one of the most well known and trusted wedding planning services in Dubai, Big Idea Weddings with their years of experience and creativity in thought will give you a wedding that you had always dreamt of and wished for it to be true. Now your fairytale wedding will become a reality- a day that will be uniquely planned and just as you wanted it since forever, just as you had a vision of since you were just a little girl.

Things You Can Ask Your Wedding Organizers To Do

Wedding organizers is another name for fairy godmothers to the rescue! It’s a lot of work planning as big as a day as your nuptials. These professionals take over all the responsibilities and with all the resources; they make it a wonderful, stylish, elegant affair. They make weddings reflect your personality and transform your ideas into a reality; a day that is designed to be uniquely for you. Let us now take a quick look at what these professionals have in their job profile.

Venue finder: From a chick Dubai hotel to a traditional location in a mansion, they will find the perfect venue for your big day. You can choose from the huge database of venues that they have previously worked with over the years, providing you the perfect backdrop for your wedding memories.

ultimate wedding planner

Wedding Styling: It’s a day of celebration and it must reflect you and your dreams, that these organizers design the style or theme of your big day. Their expertise and knowledge and experience with so many clients give them that edge.

As the ultimate wedding planner, Big Idea Weddings have contacts with many wedding dress designers to help you find that gorgeous dress. They also provide help with styling and outfitting the gentlemen of the party, along with the groom!

They not only help you source the best food and drink, they can also provide their finest chefs who have years of experience. Be it a sit-down formal dinner or a brunch for close family and friends, you are sure to get the best value for your budget without compromising on quality.

Working all these years have helped the planners build excellent relationships with florists around the country so that you get that perfect bouquet to button holes, table decorations to other arrangements- flowers that fit perfectly on the big day.

Not only do the planners arrange for talented and experienced photographers but also videographers to film the entire day for you to relive the day again and again.

As your wedding organizers, they also help you select the perfect entertainment program for your special day. It’s a celebration of love and promises that are meant to last a lifetime. For a dream wedding, call Big Idea Weddings today!